Pipeline integrity services

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In an increasingly complex and competitive market, pipeline owners need to have access to a wide range of flexible services. This includes operational levels as well as management and strategic levels, to allow them to focus on their core business while ensuring ongoing efficiency, safety and compliance.

In order to guarantee the integrity of their pipeline, operators must be able to accurately evaluate its technical condition to allow for planning and organization of maintenance and repairs. This means having fast and reliable access to information describing the environment and condition of the pipeline and the ability to monitor this information in an easy and efficient way.

  • Pipeline Pre-Commissioning
  1. Cleaning & Gauging Pigging
  2. Filling Water
  3. Hydrostatic Test
  4. Dewatering
  5. Swabbing
  6. Drying
  7. Nitrogen (N2) Purging)
  • Pipeline In-Line Inspection (ILI)
  1. Progressive Pipeline Pigging
  2. Gauging Pigging
  3. High Resolution Geometry/Deformation Tool Inspection
  4. High Resolution MFL Tool Inspection
  5. Ultrasonic ILI Tool Inspection
  6. XYZ Mapping Tool Inspection
  • Pipeline Rehabilitation and Modification
  1. Hot Tap
  2. Stopple Plug
  3. Pipeline Isolation