Business partner for oil & gas and mining industries

PT. TONSCO INTERNATIONAL established on 2004 in Jakarta , Indonesia.

At the beginning of the PT. TONSCO INTERNATIONAL is a company for Pre commissioning services , but with the passing of time, PT. TONSCO INTERNATIONAL to develop for EPCI activity. Typically PT. TONSCO INTERNATIONAL range activities of taking overall responsibility for :

( Fabrication , Maintenance, Installation )

( Pre commissioning, Diving, Hot Tapping, Cold Cutting, welding Habitat, Tightening & tensioning, Sub sea tensioning )

( Welding Machine, Compressor, Iso Tank, Evaporator , Heavy Equipment )

The experience list and photographs illustrating the diversity of PT. TONSCO INTERNATIONAL operations are described in detail in these company profile.
Recently the company has been very active in the oil & gas, petrochemical and power industries. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss in detail how PT. TONSCO INTERNATIONAL can serve you.


To be a leading Contractor for Oil & Gas Services in Indonesia
To became Partner Business of Choice, Responsibility and Respect


–> Smart partnership with customer, employee and stakeholder
–> Setting and maintaining high standard striving for superior performance in all undertaking.
–> Being pro-active through continuous research and developing in meeting challenges